March 21, 2010
attended 2 twenty-first celebrations over this wkend

char's 21st at carousel

i ♥ high tea
but im upset that my face is getting rounder

ryl's 21st at boat quay minds cafe

i realised i miss this bunch of people so much!
come to think of it, i really love meridian life
minus the A levels part

loveya ryl ♥

polaroid love
cant wait to get my own instax camera

7 Responses to “imthinkingboutmine”

  1. Goh Siau Ling Says:

    you love meridian cuz got me! 🙂

  2. Goh Siau Ling Says:

    school’s pretty much the same – torturing as usual. really glad that i’m going to be a year 3 this coming aug. can’t wait to graduate. 🙂 you? hahaha.

  3. kristin Says:

    i like your “can’t wait to graduate” cos im thinking the same way!! 🙂
    and i think im just gonna stop at bachelor. toooo sick of studying.
    honestly, i havent seen you for really long ma’am

  4. Goh Siau Ling Says:

    hahah of cuz la. studying is so draining. not that i will really use what i learn in school. yes! come find me in town la. 🙂 i’m always in school cuz no life so sad. you want to see you faster leh. i’m going shanghai in april till august!! 🙂

  5. kristin Says:

    me too eh! i dont even know if i’m gonna work in some stats related thingy. hahaha. ahhhhh your exchange thingy right! i was still thinking to meet up with ya after exams in may 😦

  6. Goh Siau Ling Says:

    hahaha my exams end on 15 Apr and i’m flying to shanghai on 22nd for my internship. haha i haven’t apply exchange yet. 🙂 hahahahahaha.

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