this wk better be good

March 29, 2010

im so bored at home though i know im supposed to be doing my projects diligently

mugging in progress

im bored

school is love cos of the company i have

with gorgeous joce

marie & i got 1 stalk for each other in support of CCF

free cakes but im on diet

i want to graduate & work

though i heard working isnt that fantastic too


4 Responses to “this wk better be good”

  1. zhi rong Says:

    hey! i know where the watermelon came from hehehe :))

    jiayou babe!

  2. kristin Says:

    HAHAHA i’ve everything in my paper bag i think.
    enjoy your 3weeks break dear! (:
    ohoh meeting wysen when?

  3. zhi rong Says:

    i dont know! when are you free!? haha im quite fine with these few weeks. when your papers ending??

  4. kristin Says:

    cos its your break right! my paper is only ending on 7may. by then your school/clinical would have started right? these few weeks i’ll b busy with project deadlines and exam prep.
    you two decide on a date then i’ll see how?

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