hello, week 13

April 11, 2010

week 12 of school has ended. one more week of school & it’ll be reading week and finals. i feel that i have done nothing much this semester. most of my time was spent playing?

i have been unwell since a few days back. slight fever, sore throat, cough and now flu. it irritates me whenever im sick. totally restless & i just feel like sleeping all day long. now that im recovering, time to buck up for finals i guess.

xiner’s 20th birthday bbq yesterday! it felt like a bash comm gathering though only slightly more than half the comm went. still, it was an awesome get-together before everyone starts their last lap for finals. reminiscences of bash times when we went for supper together last night after the bbq. bash ♥

once again, i cant wait for the 3months break! hopefully, this coming vacation will be a fulfilling one. with union camp, youth for causes, driving & meetups!

okay, back to webcasting.


2 Responses to “hello, week 13”

  1. chux Says:

    get well soon~~
    i long for the looooooong summer holidays..

  2. kristin Says:

    thankyou bud (:

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