April 18, 2010

good morning world. year 2 semester 2 has kinda ended. not officially since im not done with finals. it makes me feel old. like, OMG year 3?! and its sad to see those year3s and 4s having “goodbye nus” those kinda album names on FB.

finally went for family gathering earlier on. i havent seen my relatives for super long. ahma was complaining to my mum the other day that i havent visit her for quite some time. though i only went for a short while, i still enjoyed all the chats i have with my aunts. miss talking to & laughing with them. i miss playing mahjong with my cousins too man.

mugging period can be sucha bitch. i need to be more motivated and stop doing unproductive things online, like FB-ing. hahaha. but FB-ing today cheered me up cos i saw these!

dont you think they look so kawaii & awesome?

i envy her & she makes me feel like travelling

  hope they visit us soon! (:

2 Responses to “hey我真的好想你”

  1. chux Says:

    study mug study mug… think i’ll go berserk after 3.5 years… well, shuo dao lu xing, i wanna visit halstatt in salzburg, austria. 🙂

  2. kristin Says:

    i’ve already gone berserk. hahahah. totally not looking forward to year3. lets go travelling once we start working! there are so many places i wanna go

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