and again, the battle

April 24, 2010

some of my friends are going to have their papers in a few hours’ time. its day1 of nus finals for this semester. BEST OF LUCK PEOPLE! (:

the battle is gonna start for me this coming monday. i’ve been mugging everyday, not hard though. feeling really insecure. this semester has been full of ups & downs. i’ve been performing kinda bad in my midterms & a few assignments. presentations werent awesome too.

every semester, whenever i do last minute studying, the first thought that comes to my mind: “dont do this again next semester kristin”. but look, its my fourth semester already & im still at it. anyway, i have a feeling that my textbooks are gonna be underutilised again. and yes, for the fourth semester. im like wasting my university life away.

7th may, 11.00am, say hello to me soon.


4 Responses to “and again, the battle”

  1. zr Says:

    加油 BABE!

  2. chux Says:

    hahaha! i’ve been telling myself that since primary 1. lol! but i’ve made great improvements though. can’t believe i’ve been mugging for the past 6 days. this is so stressful. i felt as if i’m under the whatever mountain that sun wu kong was under.

    • kristin Says:

      hahahah! its good that you’re mugging my dear. jia hen duo you k! it’ll all b over soon & we can play like mad 😀
      was it wu zhi shan or sth? hahahahh

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