as of yesterday

May 9, 2010

its finally my turn to scream ITS OVER. the feeling is sweet & awesome. despite how tired i feel, whenever i think bout post-exam activities, i feel good all over again (:

right now, my house is in a mess cos my block is having some HDB upgrading programme. i’ll have new toilets soon! but this one week plus will be a torture cos we’ve to bathe in this mobile toilet. i felt quite insecure bathing in it just now but my sis insisted that its fun. hahaha.

caught ice kacang puppy love today. funny but at the same time, touching. this light-hearted movie totally fits the bill for taking my mind off exams. just crossing my fingers that i wouldnt perform that badly for my papers.

went for family gathering earlier. to celebrate mothers day with ahma. big hug with ahma again when she saw me, which implies that i have not visited her for quite some time. its mothers day tmr! feeling guilty that i’ve not prepared anything for mummy. my whole family is worn out by the packing & cleaning we did for the toilet upgrading.

starting work next tuesday. thankyou JH for the recommendation! now i’ve to make adjustment to my driving lessons so i can earn & spend at the same time. and i feel like taking up other courses to enrich myself but i wonder if i can handle so many stuff at a go.

yesterday was awesome. today too. this vacation is gonna be good.


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