May 25, 2010

AWESOME past few days i had.

met up with JH after work last thur to shop for PL’s farewell gift. it was really fun hanging out with him cos he’s so full of nonsense. hahah. thankyou for the dinner & damn-fast ride home! so last fri was PL’s last day. lunch buffet in office. im so gonna miss her, though i’ve only known her for short 2 weeks. she has been really nice to me, helping me in many many stuff. thankyou so much! and i love the mirror she gave me.

sat was spent with loves after tuition. bb & son, i love you both. our sat could have been better if not for the rain. meeeet again soon k! and i watched ip man 2 on sunday with ken before heading down to aunt S’ house for malcolm’s birthday celebration. HAPPY THREE YEARS OLD MALCOLM! anyway, valerie & kenji were there as well cos their family’s back to visit. adorable little kids are such sweethearts. they totally brightened up my sunday.

on leave yesterday and i went for my first driving lesson! boy, i had fun. i think driving is really cool. hahaha. im learning auto cos i dont dare to take up the manual challenge. think i’ll panick like crap when my car stalls in the middle of the road. looking forward to the next lesson! better assign me a nice & patient instructor.

i did OT today. 3 hours of OT and cabbed home with mentor. time to sleep & get recharged for another day of work tmr! nights world.


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