June 1, 2010

morning world. 1.20AM. i should be asleep since i’ve work tmr. but i kinda dozed off after dinner just now? hahaha. anyway, it was results day. my very average results again. or it may be considered lousy to some people. i used one SU on my arts gem. though it doesnt really make much difference to my CAP, i SU-ed it since i no longer have any use for my SUs. might as well use it right? hahaha.

over the long weekend, i had a blast. 2 free hotel rooms in crockfords tower for 3D2N. POSH. i love the bathroom especially. you can even watch tv/listen to music in the bathroom. theres like an ipod player in the bedroom. nicest hotel room i’ve ever been to? we felt really privileged cos that hotel hosts only VIP and invited guests. of cos, my cousins & i tried to behave ourselves. hahah.

first day was just touring around RWS & we went to sentosa for a few hours before having family dinner together back at feng shui inn in crockfords tower. second day was spent in universal studios. 13 of us went on VIP tour. we had this really nice tour guide with us. thankyou anna for the wonderful trip! (: privileges of being a VIP in universal studios: VIP tour commemorative pin, VIP tour landyard, dont have to queue for rides, get pre-arranged photo session with characters, enter show theatres before others, 10% off merchandise, 25bucks voucher per VIP, etc.

thankyou uncle & aunt for this fabulous experience! though it wasnt a trip overseas, i felt as though i was abroad. so it was considered a getaway for me. it was really good. we took 1.5k of photos in just 2 days. upload & tag on FB till i wanted to dieee. now, its time to work hard again.

2nd driving lesson on sunday was good as well. i met a really nice instructor who taught me quite a bit though its just turns. and he taught me a lil extra stuff? which im really thankful for. had the chance to go out of the circuit & drive on public road. exciting i would say.

k time to say goodnight. and yes, good morning again too.


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