im back

June 5, 2010

kbox-ed on thur with fo-da-win. awesome few hours spent together. the muah chees frankie got us from taiwan were really good. totally love the macha with azuki!

i had my third driving lesson yesterday before heading down in the evening for UC prep camp. as usual, i enjoyed my lesson very much. as for the prep camp, only the company was good. games were so-so. the waiting time can really irritate people? we kinda brought stuff according to the packing list but were not being used at all. not worth it bringing all those for 2D1N stayover, i feel. and we had to try out SP games so we were paired up. the whole SP thingy made me feel like a freshie. in fact, im an old woman going on year 3. hahah.

after breaking camp, we went to catch marmaduke before going home. 6 of us went & 5 of us kept dozing off during the movie. hahahah. shawn was the only survivor. either we were really tired or the movie is boring.

i think i will sleep right after having my dinner. goodnight world & enjoy sunday before a whole new week starts!


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