what you say

June 27, 2010

good morning. it’s 2.25am. got home kinda late frm aunts place. world cup fever everywhere. the adults’ sudden loud cheering did scare me. it’s a fattening & sinful day cos lunch was macs and supper was macs (again) & pizzahut.

i’ve been blogging kinda frequent lately. don’t ask why. could b i just miss blogging. could b i just need an outlet to pour out my thoughts. too many stuff running through my mind lately. it’s causing me to b really tired, mentally of cos.

everyone around me seems to be changing. i dislike this having-to-adapt-again kinda feeling. im changing too. not sure for the better or for the worse though. one thing that surprises me, im keeping my temper under control these days. im like, amazed by myself that i can still handle stuff which piss me off with a smile. law of garbage truck taught me a lot.

i dont understand why people speak without processing first. mayb i do that sometimes too. but it sucks to hear tactless stuff.

okay sleep now, think tmr. goooodnight!

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