hectic week

July 4, 2010

i’ve been so busy & tired. with work & UC stuff. but i’m really looking forward to UC. think im influenced by wayne’s enthusiasm. all the ideas he has for the house etc. i think i wasn’t even half as awesome as him last year. but i’m thankful that i’ve really experienced seniors to guide me along.

happy news! passed FTT and got a test date. hopefully i get my license soon. and i bought a new phone. loving my white bb. my mum commented that im behaving as though i earn 12k per month. k i shld stop spending. TRY.

i went for blue hair extension, blue manicure and blue pedicure with sok & joce. getting all ready for uc. but i look like ah lian. luckily the instructor who took me for driving taught me before & knows that im rather guai? hahah.

caught eclipse! jacob looks even better now. edward’s looking more cui. but still, i love the vampires. think i need to finish reading breaking dawn sooon. i’ve left it there, half read, for 1.5 yrs.

have an awesome sunday everyone! (:


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