July 11, 2010

back from union camp! looking super brown now. serves me right for not applying sunblock. takeaways from union camp – a bunch of awesome freshies, new friends made, pillow talks with amelia every night, small talks with random people & loads of laughter (:

i love going for camps since young. union camp’s probably the last camp of my university life. definitely gonna miss going for camps.

this month is full of birthday celebrations. yesterday was wei’s bday bbq. theres en’s twenty-first later. i hope my brown skin wouldnt shock her. tho’s twenty-first next wk & rong’s the following. not forgetting sunshine b’s bday too.

back to work tmr after 4 days of leave!

its not over tonight; just give me one more chance to make it right; i may not make it through the night; i wouldnt go home without you


2 Responses to “brownie”

  1. sunshine b Says:

    why u put emo song!!!!

  2. kristin Says:

    hello sunshine b! cos f-ing sings that every night as a house!

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