hello mr friday

July 23, 2010

It’s friday! Another weekend awaits. I haven’t updated this space for days so I thought using this time to update while on my way to work will be good.

Last weekend was really hectic. Especially sat. I feel bad missing all those outings and blahh. Went for project c.a.n with wee & kelvin. It was good. Other than helping the needy, we caught up a lil with each other. Love those photos kelvin took when he travelled with his gf after his exchange in finland. Totally awesomeee.

Mentor is back frm her trip! Got some lil gifts frm her. We spent the whole lunch time ytd talking bout her trip. I seriously can’t wait to travel but I need my mum to give me the green light.

My week has been rather tiring. I’m sleeping very little again. But I guess that’s how it is if you keep going out after work. Shall catch up on my sleep before my YEAR3 life starts!

Looking forward to 1 august! Someone’s coming back! They’ll be staying at my place this time (:


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