my eyebags are growing

August 5, 2010


i should sleep soon but somehow i just feel like staying online doing nothing really productive. theres actually quite a bit of stuff i wanna do before sch starts next week. im just procrastinating. tsk. irritated with myself.

awesome meetup i had earlier. happy twenty-first in advance my dearest only friend! loveyou many, like seriously. always there to listen. always there to advise. im really glad it has been more than 8years & counting (:

anyway, we were on the topic of relationships and friendships. a topic that always makes me think a lot. to maintain them, effort needs to be put in. its sad if friends you treasure dont bother at all. i havent meet you, you and you for quite some time. trust me, i’ll text you soon. a chat over coffee/tea is good enough. and i havent chat with you, you and you for quite a while. i miss you & i’ll call you soon i promise.

platonic friendship – do you believe in it?


theres this weird feeling im getting tonight. sleep it away please.


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