February 19, 2011


the past week of school has been really hectic & everything was made worse by my poor health. from sore throat over the weekend to fever to cough & still not recovering yet. for the past 2 days, i have been having sweaty palms & i seriously think its cos i’ve been popping too many pills into my tummy. but am really thankful that this crazy week is over.

other than having to finish up my vday scrapbook, i had 2 assignments to submit & 1 midterm. tiring max. i slept for only 4-5 hours per night. anyway, not gonna fret over how i fare & all cos this coming week is recess week. time to really clear those backlog & study super freaking hard for my FOUR midterms after the recess week. i believe that week will be an even crazier week than this week cos i’ll be having THREE midterms in a day. seriously, first ever time throughout my whole NUS life.

alright, gonna plan my schedule for the week & sort out my notes before crashing. not going to do any work tonight & isnt feeling guilty. let me have a good rest & recharge myself.

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