will i ever feel this way again?

February 27, 2011


Extremely tired now & I can feel that my brain is refusing to work. Gonna zonk out anytime while posting this through my whiteberry. Still, I wanna update bout my life.

Its officially the last day of recess week when I wake up. I guess this has been one of the bestest recess weeks I had throughout my uni life. I feel happy though I need to study. Weird & idk why. Perhaps I just feel contented with my life.

In fact, up till now, this semester feels really good. Not cos I’m awesome in my school work or what but cos I actually enjoy school, appreciate my profs & feel happy that I’m learning. I can’t rmb when was the last time I felt good bout school. Ah, then again, this feeling I’m getting could be due to the might-be-my-last-sem mentality.

A very happy week despite the midterm stress (: The awesome people in my life played a part too ❤


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