say hello to my summer baby

May 7, 2011


I should probably be in bed now. Exam period sleep late. After exam also sleep late.

Thinking back, my past 2 summers were full of experiences. The first summer, other than my crazy tuition schedule, taking part in science o week as an ohl kept me busy almost the whole summer. The previous summer, lucky me got a temp job with the finance dept in a MNC. Workload was kinda insane but I really learnt a lot. Thankful to have a mentor who trusted me a lot and she gave me lotsa opportunities to try out different tasks. Of course, not forgetting union camp, which was the last camp of my university life.

But this summer is different. Initially, I felt that it was going to be quite an aimless summer for me as I’m not going to be involved in any camps and I can’t find an internship. In fact, I felt quite upset over it. After much thoughts, I’ve decided to make it a meaningful one. I’ll travel to 1 country at least (still figuring out where my funds is going to come from though). I’ll read up on my honours project, just in case I decide to stay on. I’ll try to do some biz. I’ll do volunteer work. I’ll improve my photography skills. I’ll learn to be a better baker. Perhaps I’ll learn to cook as well.

Sounds good? 😉

Summer, here I come!


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