take that fear away

May 25, 2011


I probably should be crashing or be asleep by now! But argh, I didn’t keep to the sleep-by-1am rule again.

One week more to korea! I’m pretty excited bout it. I needa survive 2 weeks without my mum. A test of independence I guess? But oh well, my relatives will take care of me. Heheh. I better not be a crybaby & cry like 10 years ago when I was away frm her for 1 week in beijing.

Regardless of what the plan is, “we’re going out everyday” just sounded really good to me. The only thing I’m so not looking forward to is the plane ride. What I mean is the taking off & landing. I know, people are going to think “wth is wrong with you kristin”. But I just have a phobia of taking such rides that will give me butterflies in my stomach. That is why I’ve never been to escape. And the trip to USS last summer was a lil torture for me when my cousins forced me to take those rides with them. Thank goodness for the awesome decor which way compensated for those unbearable rides.

Is there any way to curb that fear? :/

I haven’t been on the plane for about 10 years. Maybe I’ve miraculously ‘recovered’ and no longer have the fear?
Oh gosh, I need to stay calm.


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