day1 in seoul

June 2, 2011

1:45am (SIN)

Annyeong haseyo from Seoul! It’s 2:45am here. I ought to be in bed eh. But I only got to my aunt’s place at 12.00am (SIN). Plane got delayed for near to an hour and it was an hour drive from incheon airport to my aunt’s super pretty apartment in hannam-dong, seoul.

I shall start off my morning with photo taking of her apartment before we head out for shopping. Everything’s uber awesome so far except for the fact I left my library book on the plane 😦 need to pay for the book now.

And I actually said kamsahamida to the air stewardesses and custom officers. Hahaha act Korean only.

Thankful that aunt’s house has wifi! But I can’t use my berry at all so no whatsapp. I think this is going to be a really awesome trip. Alright I shall crash. My favourite cutest cousin Valerie is sleeping beside me right now! (:

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