chapter I: seoul, south korea

June 28, 2011


I’m still not done uploading my seoul photos onto facebook. Hopefully I’ll get them all up by end of this week.

Photos that I regretted not taking:
1) dongdaemun in the night that’s so filled with energy
2) all my purchase (passion died after day 2 of shopping cos I simply bought too many stuff)
3) more on the commercialised shopping districts

Life in seoul was really awesome. I wish I could live that 2 weeks over & over again. Basically, I lived like a spoilt brat & somewhat a princess hahaha. Extremely grateful that my aunt sponsored my air tix as my early graduation gift. On top of that, accommodation was free as I stayed in their apartment, no transport fee incurred as my uncle’s chauffeur drove us around, my aunts paid for my admission fee to all the places of attraction and I did not pay a single cent for my meals (cos my aunt said I’m still a student). In addition, my paternal side aunts & uncle gave me extra cash to spend in seoul. Seriously, this trip wouldn’t have been possible without all my relatives and my parents. I’m happy that everyone love the stuff I’ve bought back for them (:

Was supposed to take singapore airline there cos my uncle could get us some discount but the price after discount was still more expensive than korean air so I took korean air (bout S$800) with my (another) aunt & cousin.

Arrival at incheon international airport was delayed cos of some jam at changi airport before the plane could take off. It took about an hour drive from the airport to my aunt’s apartment so by the time we settled down and all, it was real late. And the very excited me couldn’t really sleep so I only had 3 hours of sleep the very first night there.

Shopping started the very next morning at myeongdong (I loved that place) & I’ll update on that tmr night or sth.



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