chapter II: seoul, south korea

July 29, 2011

So I was saying the previous time that I’ll talk bout myeongdong next. Its one of the popular shopping districts in seoul and its one of my favourite 😉

We headed out after breakfast that morning. I was amazed by the number of korean cosmetics shops there. There isn’t just one faceshop, one etude house, one skinfood, one baviphat, etc. I think there were at least 3 of each brand.

And when you walk into their shops, don’t be surprised to be greeted in chinese or japanese (and korean of cos). Yes, some of the salesgirls there can speak chinese and most of them are koreans. They hire quite a number of salesperson who can speak chinese. Possible reason I can think off is that they are expecting more china tourists. Anyway, how awesome right? So it was quite easy for me to shop in myeongdong even though I don’t understand korean. One of the salesgirls actually mistook me for a japanese cos she went “nihon-jin desu?”. Hahaha, that’s like one of the few rare japanese sentences I understand.

Its sad comparing the prices of the skincare products there with singapore’s. For the exact same product from the exact same brand (I’ve checked quite a few of them), the price in singapore is like thrice the price of that sold in seoul. So I ended up buying almost 200 pieces of masks back for my family, friends & myself. Of cos I did buy other skincare products & cosmetics, a little frm each brand.

Some other good deals I got from myeongdong was really pretty & cheap (S$1.20 per pair) studs. I think I bought 17 pairs from that shop. I also bought some necklaces (S$5 plus each) and rings (S$3 plus each) from another shop. There was this shop selling quite a variety of bags for 10 000 won each (ard S$12) and I bought like 11 bags from that shop. Not all for myself of cos. I bought on behalf of my mum, sis, cousins & aunts.

For apparels wise, you can’t really get really cheap ones (except for a few shops). My definition of cheap is like S$10-S$15 kind. I bought a few pieces at slightly higher prices (S$18-S$24) and some from H&M! Shoes wise I got cheap ones (S$12-S$17 per pair) outside the main myeongdong district.

If you need a place to rest or eat, there are quite a variety of eating places there for you to choose. I had japanese ramen for lunch and baskin robbins for my teabreak. You can also find street food along the shopping streets. I didn’t really try much though (which was quite a pity I feel).

Some things to take note when shopping in myeongdong is that you can’t just find toilet anywhere. Toilets are located only in those food places. So use the washroom whenever you’re taking a break, else it’ll be hard to find another one when you really need it. And you just gotta look out for vehicles when you are shopping cos the people there can just drive through the shopping streets & they are the kind who aint afraid of knocking down anyone.

That pretty sums up my experience at myeongdong. I think throughout my 15 days in seoul, I went myeongdong for four times or something (not enough I tell you). Talking bout it makes me wanna go back there again 😦


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