perhaps perhaps;

August 29, 2011


Needa wake up kinda early for tuition later (before my afternoon class). I ought to be deep asleep by now but I slept in till kinda late this morning, so…

Anyway, a lot of stuff aint done. I really chilled my weekend away. Saturday evening was good though. Some quality time spent with the extended family. Love how we celebrate every single cousin’s bday. Next in line, my 22nd. My aunts were asking how I want to celebrate it. I feel old celebrating alr actually. One of my cousins went “huh celebrate again?! I thought just celebrated your bday (my 21st)”.

Week 4 alr. I needa focus & be serious. I’ve been allowing myself to emo too much these days, which is sad. It has never ever been so bad. Glad that I’m slowly bouncing back though.

Thankyou you you you & you (:


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