bits & pieces; here & there

August 30, 2011


Recently, I got a new tuition assignment. Korean family once again. 2 consecutive mornings of lessons with him & I didn’t reliase his tooth chipped off until he asked if I’ve noticed any difference in him earlier. Immediately, I got reminded of a friend who had to crown his tooth cos of an accident during night cycling. I wonder how it feels like to have a pseudo tooth.

Yesterday was a good day in school. Thanks to all the nice people I met and the little talks we had. Little things like that cheer me up a lot these days. Can’t be more grateful.

Catching up session with tho was awesome too. There’s just so much to talk bout hahah. Some quality time spent with her before we went to send rong off. I’m missing rong alr. And thankyou tho for last night ā¤

I’m making plans & saving up for my grad trip šŸ˜‰ MUST NOT overspend in taiwan this december.


2 Responses to “bits & pieces; here & there”

  1. wh Says:

    pseudo teeth??!!?? wadever la…u try knocking off!!!!! and u will noe how it feels like!!!!!

  2. kristin Says:

    HAHA like i said, im just wondering right. dont knock off mine please.

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