count my blessings

September 14, 2011


Last night, I was editing some photos from james & gladys’ wedding which was on sunday. Sad that not all the photos turned out well but I was smiling when I was editing cos everyone looked so good & happy in those photos. Weddings just have the power to make people feel happy eh ^^

That’s my first time attending a wedding without my family. I guess there’ll be more to come soon since I’m alr in my twenties (scary thought). Somehow, I felt really independent that day but I enjoyed every single bit of it. From mingling with people, to taking photos, to dolling up, to helping gladys change into her evening gown, to tasting the yummy food. It was also my first time sitting at the bridal table. A very honoured & privileged feeling :’)

Another wedding coming up in bout 2 months’ time! My favourite cousins will be back in spore for it. I can’t wait.

And it makes me wonder, when my wedding will be, what it will be like, how I want it to be done & all.

Anyway, its mid-week of week 6 alr. There’s so so much to do but I’m not focusing well. Let’s hope recess week will be a good mugging week for me!


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