better than this

September 28, 2011


I feel really thankful these days.

Somehow, it feels as though I’m going back to one of my old social circles recently. Its a very heartwarming feeling cos I’ve left for quite some time but people still remember me & make the effort to talk to me :’)

Sharing with a friend bout my past today made me realise that I miss st. john. It used to be sucha major part of my life. Almost all my proud moments were created there. I miss all the awesome people I met during my 8 years as a cadet/volunteer. I miss all the activities we had & the boring/crazy things we would do. I miss the kind of bonding everyone shared. I miss everything.

So much memories to keep close to my heart for life.

It sucks that I’ve wasted so much time feeling so low & down. I’m finally enlightened. Time to buck up. I shouldn’t be screwing up my final year of studies.

To all those people who put a smile back on my face in one way or another, thankyou. Please know how awesome you all are. It must had been really taxing to handle sucha weak & emo me. I know most of you are drained out by your own matters, yet you all never fail to check on me & cheer me up/on. A big THANKYOU!


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