hello october

October 1, 2011


So september has come to an end. Time to wake up eh?

I would say it had been a fairly good month cos I feel happier & enriched. Despite the 2 heartbreaks, I’m still kicking alive. I’ve grown so much over the past 2 months.

My close friends have been taking very good care of me. Thankyou loves. I don’t know how I can ever repay these 2 months of shit I’ve been putting you people through with me but I’ll try my best to be a better friend from now on.

Also, I’ve become closer with this friend I’ve known for years recently. All I can say is I’m extremely grateful & thankful. I don’t know how many thankyous I need to say to express my gratitude.

Studies wise, I’m starting to catch up but not awesome of course. And I think I should really put in more effort for my honours project. My prof has been extremely nice & approachable by the way.

So, a happy october ahead everyone? Start it off with a HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY! Like what my senior told me, there’s a kid in everyone of us, no matter our age.

So true eh.


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