you’ve decided, now its my turn

October 4, 2011


The sucky feeling you get when you’re just stuck there, unsure of how to go on from there. Have you ever felt that way? I’m just gonna do whatever I like & whatever that makes me happy from now on. Its hard to not care bout how people look at me.

Hey you, do you know what I’ve been going through or have you been listening to one side of the story only? You have to realise that some people are so good at talking & making it seem like they are the sole victims.

Honestly, I hate being accused or feel unjustified. Some people just push all the blame to you & act like a saint, which is a total turnoff. All the good things I’ve done are nullified. So here’s the plan, I won’t do anything that’s not being appreciated.

How many people out there actually give in willingly without expecting any return? You & I are not one of them.


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