keep believing

October 13, 2011


I’m done preparing all my kids for their exam. Now its really time to focus on my own studies.

Once I’m done with midterms, I shall declare the following week a break (ikr, damn slack) before I force myself to study at least thrice per week in school. I’ve been way too slack at home. Temptations of my laptop, the television, my bed & the sofa. Argh.

My baby sister has been studying very hard for her o levels. I’ve a feeling that she’s gonna do damn well & I’m gonna be so freaking proud of her. I believe everyone will be.

So many things would have been different if I were as hardworking as her. What had I been doing back in primary school & secondary school? All those last minute studying. Regrets regrets. I really could have done way better. Though I’m regretting, I’m still not bucking up in university! Hahaha. Shame on me. I think working life suits me more. Honestly, I can’t wait to graduate & experience a new phase of my life.

HYP is stressing me out a little. Prof wants me to do an oral presentation trial. Though it wouldn’t be graded like the previous batches, I still want to do a good job. *cross my fingers*

Its my final year already. I really need so much more discipline so that I won’t regret doing badly.

And I’m still not done preparing for friday’s paper. HELP!


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