the distance;

October 31, 2011


Down on my luck. The bus I took earlier today got into an accident with a taxi when I was already running late. I guess the impact was kinda heavy cos the bumper of the taxi came off. Everyone in the bus was thrown forward crazily when the bus driver did an emergency brake. An auntie fell off her seat and her whole body was like on the ground. Damn painful can. The bruise on my collarbone is nothing compared to her fall. Hope she’s really fine.

I guess I finally understand why some people choose to bottle up their thoughts & feelings. It’s always better for one person to feel crappy than to affect others right? Painful & torturous to bottle things up but I’ll learn. I guess that’s the best way out, for now.

To you: I hope you’ll feel better soon. Lousy feeling to see you tweeting emo stuff. That’s how much you mean to me. We are all on a learning journey. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but you’ll start to see things in a different perspective soon. By then, I’ll be really proud of you.

To you: I really don’t wish to lose you as a friend but I’m really quite stuck right now. It’s going to sound weird but I really hope that you can be not-so-nice to me. Hate those awkward conversations we have these days.

To you: Exams are coming so recover soon okay! I seriously think you’ve overworked. Send you some healthy pills.

To you: I wish I’ve fully recovered but sadly, nope. It still stings quite a bit and that unexpected incident that day did make it a little worse. Sometimes I naively hope that things can just be refreshed by closing my eyes & opening them again but we know that’s not going to happen. There have been so many wrong turns we took. I wish I can be better. I wish we can be better.


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