i’m a grumpy smurf;

November 2, 2011


First day of november was very much spent with loadsa different feelings.

Had to survive 8 hours in school when I slept for less than 5 hours the night before. Can’t remember the number of times I dozed off in lectures. Its really not a good time to be so inattentive in class. Come on, week 12 already you know. Sigh, and my pile of work is stressing me really bad. Project that’s due next week undone, my presentation slides undone, cheatsheets for midterm undone, backlogs not cleared, etc. I feel so damn lousy but I’m really too exhausted to cry right now.

During my second break in school today, I went to starbucks within campus, hoping that a cup of white chocolate mocha can keep me awake a lil longer tonight so that I can complete more work. Sadly, there isn’t much effect. I was so physically & mentally tired by the time my last tutorial ended. For the past few hours, I was just pushing myself to do more.

Putting all those rants & whines aside, it was nice bumping into a friend who I haven’t talked to for quite some time on my way to starbucks. So we did a little catching up over white choc mocha, hot choc & green tea frappe. And I kinda made a new friend today.

Apparently, my collarbone became swollen today & it hurts more than it did yesterday. Not sure if I’m being overly sensitive or what but it seems to be affecting the side of my jaw & my ear. One side of my face feels more swollen than the other side. I don’t wanna waste money & time visiting the doctor but I’m really scared. Please let me be fine 😦

GAH. I think I’m falling sick again. Don’t please.

To you: It’s good knowing that you’re doing well right now. I don’t know why but I feel happy for you. Hope you really do feel happier now. Those bad memories will fade. I’m sure you’ve become stronger after going through all of that. Forget about the setback & put in your best okay. Jiayou!


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