things don’t stay the way they were;

November 8, 2011

So much work. Never-ending.

I miss my friends, damn a lot.

And I’m so sick of being the so-called middleman.



To some people in my life:

Thankyou for all the care & concern showered on me. Greatly appreciated. You make me feel like I’m a little sister being well-protected. Thankyou!

Thankyou for always being so concerned about me. I’m sorry that I always make you worry bout me. I’ll take better care of myself. I know there’s a lot of stuff on your mind. Wish I can help in some way.

I don’t know what caused the change in you. Maybe I assumed that I’ve known you well enough. You really need to start contributing more. FYI, I really dislike people who leech. To be honest, I’m disappointed.

Thankyou for checking on me whenever you’re free. I know you’re busy with your own stuff as well. I miss you. See you in December.

Thankyou for always being sucha motivator. Love the random little talks. We’ll meet soon. And yes, your so-called stress-free meet-ups.

Nice bumping into you in school. We’ll meet soon okay. Anyway, I’m upset that you didn’t do any introduction.

Thankyou for remembering me & us. Love the postcard & message. I really miss all of you.

Thankyou for being sucha sweet friend! Your little actions really make me smile & feel thankful to have known you.

I hope you’re feeling better & concentrating on your studies. Love how we never feel awkward around each other even if we don’t talk for the longest time ever. We shall party in December!

Hope you’ve been good & catching up with school work. Breakfast + study date soon okay!

Sometimes I look back & I wonder what really happened between us. We’re like strangers now. It’s sad because I really enjoyed the friendship. Guess I was something you had to sacrifice. But I understand. I really do.


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