December 8, 2011

People come & go, and most of the time, unexpectedly.

A recent event has shocked many people around me. We were all taken aback. I don’t bear to imagine how upset & heartbroken some of them are. Giving them moral support is the best I can do at the moment. Stay strong my friends.

Its not uncommon to see news of people leaving this world at a young age. Everytime I read such an article, I’ll feel sorry & that its a pity. This time, even though I don’t know him personally, I was upset & in shock for days after hearing the news from one of my close friends.

“Did I hear her wrongly over the phone? But she was crying so badly.”
“What happened?”
“How is that clique going to handle that?”
“Is this for real?”
“Why is life so cruel to us? We are only 22.”
“How are my close friends dealing with it?”

His departure affected me quite a bit though I’m just a schoolmate. How to imagine what my other friends are going through? </3

Dude, rest well & look over your loved ones.


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