December 11, 2011

I like it when I step out of house feeling pretty. At least it makes me happy. But right now, with 2 pimple scars on my face, its actually depressing. Lack of confidence these days, which sucks.

Scars, please recover before my trip. I want to take many pretty photos in Taiwan.


I think its time to keep track of my expenses this month. With the upcoming trip & outings, I think I’ll be very broke at the end of December. And I so badly want to go on grad trip. Bahhh. Why am I not rich?


About 2 more weeks to Taiwan. Though we’ll be changing hotel everyday, I think it’ll be fun cos I love exploring new places. And I finally get to wear winter clothing again after 11 years. Hahaha.

Feeling blessed & thankful. Thankyou ahboy uncle & sangu for this trip ♥


There’s so many things I wanna do before leaving for the trip. 2 weeks don’t seem enough :/


I’ve finally realised, there’s no point forcing people to stay on in your life when they don’t want to. Sometimes, there’s really no need to try so hard. Letting go might be the better way out. Afterall, things have changed & will never ever be the same again.

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