at the beginning;

January 3, 2012

It’s a brand new year.
Some say the world will end in December this year.
I would say there’s a possibility.
But whatever comes, embrace it with an open heart cos its all predestined.

No new year resolutions made this year yet cos I always don’t follow them.
I just hope to be a better person; better daughter; better sister; better grand-daughter; better cousin; better friend & a better student.
This is the year I’m going to graduate & step into the working society.
Cheers to 2012.


Felt like crying just now cos I can’t find a laundry shop to dryclean the trenchcoat & xw needs it this sat for her trip. I didn’t know she’s going away. I didn’t know drycleaning takes so long. Worse still, its the peak period now.

So I’m lugging the trenchcoat & heading back to school for consultation. Hopefully I can find a laundry shop later that can help me. Mega helpless now.

Seriously, I needa work so much harder. Too slack. Its time to get back my momentum for school work.


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