get your engine started; let’s go

January 5, 2012

My 5 weeks break is coming to an end. School is starting next week and I’m kinda excited that it’s my final semester already.

I’m looking back on the plans I’ve made previously for the break:
♥ shop for winter clothing with sista (ended up shopping w tho cos sis was too busy with work)
♥ bring mummy for spa + massage (no time to do so yet)
♥ movie marathon (done)
♥ explore new places / food hunting (did so in taiwan so considered done)
♥ cycle / swim (I’m forever not exercising, how?)
♥ meet-ups with close friends (yes yes)
♥ pick up basics of a new language (not yet though I bought a book since the start of the break)
♥ wicked musical with tu (awesome like anything)
♥ christmas in taiwan with loved ones (didn’t really celebrate xmas but it was a good 7 days)
♥ work on my thesis (I’m still procrastinating, which really sucks)

I’m always wasting my own time eh. Disappointing. 5 weeks just zoomed past like that. Oh, but I’m happy that I picked up basic knitting (:

Tuition has resumed so lesser free time now. And I needa pack my study table & wardrobe before school starts but I wanna do my thesis. How?!


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