its the kinship;

January 26, 2012

This CNY is the worst & the least exciting one I’ve ever spent.

Falling sick on CNY eve, assignment due, thesis bugging me everyday, thinking bout job hunting, etc. Its really overwhelming. Everyday I just can’t help but to think of all these.

I used to get excited over CNY & will really shop for clothes and shoes just for the occasion. But this year, my CNY clothes were just dresses that I’ve bought months ago but haven’t had the chance to wear them. Not cool at all.

Whatever it is, the break is over but as usual, weekends are gonna be packed with family gatherings and stuff. I really need to dedicate all my time to my thesis now. Perhaps my netbook will be following me everywhere for the next 1 month.


I really don’t understand some people. What exactly went wrong? There’s no reason for this hostility. Perhaps you’ve forgotten how well she treated all of you.

And I don’t see why you deserve my respect anymore.


My mummy is one of the most awesome lady you’ll ever meet in your life. She has sucha kind & helpful heart, always putting others before herself. She never fail to offer her help as long as its within her ability. She put in so much hard work to support this family despite all the pain she went through. She teaches us well despite not being well-educated. She’s always there for us whenever we need her.

And there’s no need to wonder why most of our relatives are so damn nice to us.

I love you mummy.


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