the journey;

February 26, 2012

Thesis printed & many trees killed. I’m feeling quite lousy that I wasted more than 60 papers. Another 36 hours left to submission.

The whole honours year project is coming to an end, though there’s still oral presentation & interview. Of course it’s a great relief that I’ve one less item on my to-do-list now & I can start catching up with my modules but there’s this bit of reluctance in me to end it.

Almost 8 months spent on this project & I guess I’m rather attached to it. Despite the immense stress, I really enjoyed doing the project. No doubt that this HYP has been the best part of my NUS academic life. Not going to think about how I’ll fare in the end cos the process matters so much more.

Though I didn’t include this in the acknowledgement section of my thesis (cos I didn’t want to sound cheesy), I really want to thank my family & friends for their support. Without such great encouragement, I wouldn’t have made it thus far.

Thankyou thankyou & thankyou.


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