we’ll make the best out of what we have

March 12, 2012

How does it feel like to have to go through something so horrible on your birthday?

My heart is aching.

That scene of how I used to wait for you to save me from all the scoldings has never left my mind. That scene of how you used to show me off to everyone will always be on my mind. That scene of how you never fail to pick me up from school whenever I called is still etched in my mind.

Where did you go to, my hero?

I remember how my love for you turned into hatred cos it was too much to bear. I was already old enough to understand everything. It was so hard for me to forgive you and we just drifted apart, further & further. But no matter how much I hate you, how thick the barrier is between us, my heart breaks and tears just fall uncontrollably whenever something happens to you.

Why, why can’t you just learn?

I know it isn’t easy for you to make this decision. From what we had in the past to having almost nothing now must have impacted you so much. But there’s nothing I’ll do to help cos its really time for you to learn.

Happy birthday.


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