its a choice; my choice

May 31, 2012

I’ve started my working life! Most people are kinda shocked that I started so early without having a proper break. Oh well, life’s as such when you don’t come frm a well-to-do family and have study loan to clear. But I’m not complaining cos work has been pretty awesome so far. The starting was a lil tiring, feeling unsettled & stuff but things are really way better now. I’ve to say I’m really thankful to have met so many nice people. Everyone has been so helpful whenever I meet with problems :’)

And I’ve kinda officially graduated! Results for the final sem were released on Monday. Best ever results I’ve had in my entire NUS life. I can only say that I’m really lucky. Thankyou lady luck :’)
In fact, I’m kinda motivated now to further my studies but I’m going to wait a year for the benefits. Hopefully this motivation doesn’t go away after a year.

Signing my contract tmr & going for medical check-up. I’m seriously dreading the blood test. Wish me luck!


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