You’ll know when’s right

July 4, 2012

And so, I’ve entered the working world for bout 1.5 months. I’m kinda enjoying it despite the very limited time I’ve on weekdays & the dragging-myself-outta-bed drama almost every morning.

Somehow, I think that this job is one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far in my life. Everyday I’m exposed to new challenges. Everyday I’m learning. Everyday I’m enlightened by different perspectives. And it’s good to know that what I’m doing right now will contribute to policy making (not that im into that) & improving of public health.

I feel really happy these days & I guess I have to thank the people ard me (:


2 Responses to “You’ll know when’s right”

  1. your SJAB friend Says:

    Mam Kristin what’s your job now? The way you say that you’ll contribute to public health make you sound like first aider…

    • kristin Says:

      Hello, you are? I’m not in sjab alr so please don’t call me maam!

      I’m doing biostatistics research work with nus sch of public health (:

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