will it be this?

October 5, 2012

“You do the breakfast, I’ll do the bedsheet. You do the sweeping, I’ll do the mopping. You do the cooking, I’ll do the washing. You do the laundry, I’ll do the cleaning. You do the groceries, I’ll do the miscellaneous. We’ll wake up by each other’s face side by side in the morning. We’ll watch the sunrise by the seaside as we enjoy the fragrance of the freshly-brewed coffee you made. We’ll go to the beach to enjoy the wind, the waves and the sun. We’ll have breakfast, lunch and dinner together as we talk about our future. We’ll go for picnics. We’ll go for dates by the afternoon. And when the night falls, we’ll go for star gazing. We’ll go for a movie marathon the whole day. We’ll go to the bar and drink to our hearts content. We’ll dance to the moonlight. We’ll travel across the globe. We’ll hold each other’s hand as we enjoy a ride of roller coaster. We’ll go to the zoo and imitate the animals. We’ll take many photos. We’ll behave like a child to each other. We’ll draw graffiti on the subway. We’ll laugh at the slightest things. And if there’s a need to cry, our shoulders will be everything we need. We’ll share our emotions. We’ll go through ups and downs. We’ll make a big fuss out of everything. Occasionally we pick a fight to stir things up. But in the end, we’ll apologize and compromise. And when the night falls, we fall back to each other’s arms. And this goes on. Till the world ends. We’ll build trust in each other. We’ll prioritize each other. We’ll put each other in front of everything else that matters. We’ll be each other’s best friend. We’ll be each other’s soulmate. We’ll be together, forever.”

– Instagram

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