and the heart says;

January 21, 2013

It has been pretty long since I last updated this space. I’ve been neglecting my food & travel blog as well. Too much time has been spent on work and planning for the trip.

My heart has been pounding very quickly whenever something happens these days. Not in a good way. It really seems like I’ll get a heart attack anytime. And my TMJ problem is still unresolved. Sigh. The doctor said that I’m too stressed. Even my mum says that. I need a good break, I really do. May CNY be good this year.

My weak heart was at work again when my aunt told me to shift my travel plans to a week later so that they can travel with us to Manchester and Paris. It sounded really good and fun but on the other hand, I was stressed over the air tickets, travelcards, schedule issues, etc. I think I might die even before the trip :/
But thankfully, my uncle and aunt got my back. I need to stop thinking about it till they give me a reply.

Anyhow, I was mulling over some stuff in office this morning. And I was looking at the mug that I bought for work when I just started working.


Somehow, my dream is coming true. I honestly hope that the trip will be an awesome one given that I’ve put in so much effort in planning and trying to save so hard for the trip. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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