October 9, 2010


Ever since I started tweeting, I seem to neglect this space of mine. Or it could be that my life has been revolving around school. So boring that I’ve nothing to blog bout.

Honestly speaking, there’s nothing so fun bout mugging all day long though I’m really trying my best to be a mugger this sem. School is only interesting with involvement in activities I guess.

This sem, I decided to just focus on my studies. Nothing that bad except suppressing that playful side of me can be quite a challenge? Sucks.

I’m feeling kinda moody today, partially cos of lousy max stochastic results but mainly due to my many uncompleted assignments and backlogs. I hate myself for procrastinating. This week has been really unproductive. One week wasted.

Buck up bitch.

Still awake at this hour and I’ve tuition early in the morning. Super tempted to cab down. Hmmmm


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